Reducing food waste in a kindergarten

A service design project in cooperation with the municipality of Malmö. We developed an approach to reduce the daily food waste that is created in the cities kindergartens.

  • Year 2017
  • Context Course Project, Malmö University
  • My Role
    • Service Design
    • User Research
    • UI Design
    • Design of Infographics


Every day, hundreds of portions of eatable food are thrown away in the kindergartens run by the City of Malmö, Sweden. In its efforts to make the city more sustainable, the municipality seeks solutions to reduce this daily amount of food waste.

Design Process

This project was developed during a service design course at the University of Malmö. It was based on a cooperation with chefs and pedagogues from a local kindergarten as well as with administrative staff from the municipality.

The project started with an extensive research phase. We conducted several interviews, workshops and observation sessions in the kindergarten to learn about the employees’ problems, needs and pain points. Based on the research, we developed an service design concept that tackles the problem.

Impressions of a workshop with a chef and our research in a kindergarten


The proposed service offers the collection and redistribution of the kindergartens’ eatable leftovers. The food would be promptly redistributed to social facilities where needy inhabitants of Malmö can receive it on the same day. The whole service would be operated by the municipality. It connects existing facilities which are already run and financed by the City of Malmö: the kindergartens and the social facilities. Therefore, not too much new infrastructure would be required to establish the service.

The drivers’ view: Collect the leftovers from kindergartens across the city

The food collection and redistribution would be done by a city-owned delivery service. To make this service as effective as possible, we proposed to coordinate the food collection with a digital system. This allows chefs to report the amount of food they can offer and enables the drivers to use an effective route for the collection.

The chefs’ view: Report amount of leftover food


To communicate our concept to the stakeholders in a very clear and short way, I visualized the crucial parts of the service in flowcharts and infographics.


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